You want to buy or rent a charging station

Step 1: Temporarily or permanently

You realise that providing charging facilities meets an important need of your visitors. You can purchase or rent our charging stations, from as little as 1 day.

Step 2: Configuration

Select from our line up: What size? Free charging or does your visitor pay? Appearance is important too: what will your charging station look like? We will even take care of the branding for you if you wish!

Step 3: Logistics

Where and when may we deliver the charging station? We will ensure that your charging station arrives in excellent condition.

Step 4: Plug and Play

Plug the charger into a power outlet and your visitors can enjoy this innovative service.

A charged phone, a happy visitor!

Smartphones and tablets are an intrinsic part of people’s lives, including your customers and visitors. Make sure that they remain online and contactable, that way you meet an important need. Your visitors will be grateful to you.

The applications of smartphones continue to increase. Paying by mobile phone will rapidly replace payment by debit card or cash. For most consumers, reliance on a smartphone will only increase. By responding to this need, you set yourself apart from your competitors.

Letting your visitor enjoy longer in a carefree manner? Deal with today’s frustration of a flat battery. Keep your customers online and contactable.


Already answered for you!

We have power outlets for visitors to charge their mobile phones. Does a charging station provide added value?

With a power outlet, the visitor must keep an eye on the device. A charging station gives your visitor freedom to move around. They can eat, drink, shop, walk etc. without having to worry since they know the device is securely stored. In addition, it is no longer necessary to provide charging cords. After all, they are included in the charging station.

How do I install a charging station?

We deliver the charging station to its exact location. All you need to do is plug it into the power outlet and press the “on” button.

How long does it take to charge a phone/tablet?

By using intelligent USB hubs, the device is checked and it is determined how much power the mobile device requires to be fully charged. Next, the charging station supplies this. How quickly the battery is indeed “full” depends on various factors, including the condition of the battery and whether the phone is connected to the Internet.

What locations are suitable for a charging station?

All indoor locations are suitable for a charging station. Since our charging station is vandal resistant, it is ideal for public spaces.

Can I rent a charging station instead of buying it?

You can rent a charging station from as little as one day. Ideal for trade shows and events! Mail your requirements to for a custom offer. 

How many phones/tablets can I charge in a charging station?

You decide that. Have a look at our models and then decide if you would also like to charge tablets. If not, more lockers for smartphones will fit in the charging station of your choice (max. 12).

Can the keys from the charging station be stolen?

No. A key can only be removed once a smartphone or tablet is connected to a charging cable in a locker. The user then has limited time to remove the key. Thanks to this advanced system, there is no risk of theft of keys.

Can I get the charging station entirely in my own house style?

We can wrap the charging station in any house style. If you have your own designer, we will affix it for you. If desired, we can also do the design free of charge. You can even get the key chains in your own house style. This way, the charging station fits in nicely with your interior.

How much power does a charging station use?

The charging station must be connected to a power outlet fused at 16A. The maximum power consumption of a charging station is 506 watts = 2.2A at 230 Vac.

Can the keys be duplicated?

No, our keys cannot be duplicated. In the event a user loses a key, we will replace the lock for you.

Can you also provide the design for the branding?

Yes, we provide this free of charge.

Which devices can be charged?

All smartphones and smartwatches can be charged in a Charge to go charging station.

What file formats can I play on the screen?

In principle everything you can also play on your computer screen, provided 800 x 600 pixels. 

Can I have a look at the charging station somewhere before making a purchase?

No problem! E-mail your address to, then we will send you the location of the nearest charging station. 

Can I ask the user to pay for using the charging station?

You can offer free charging to your visitors, but experience has shown that people are prepared to pay for this service. You can decide how much, whether it is payment with coins or SMS and we can even do a combination for you, where visitors pay by debit card and in return they receive a voucher that can be redeemed for a discount on your product or service.

Is the on-screen user information available in multiple languages?

Absolutely, the language can be set to your preference.

Is it easy to move the charging station?

The charging station can be moved, but not so easily that it can be stolen undetected. The charging station may also be anchored in the ground and the Small model can be secured to the wall.

Is using a charging station safe for my device?

The Charge to go charging station complies with the NEN and CE directives. Thanks to the advanced platform there is no risk of theft of data. Thus, user privacy is fully guaranteed.

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