Innovation is what sets us apart

We are innovative. We have developed our own charging station, implement continuous improvements where possible and are expanding our line-up. Like our service, our charging stations are of the highest quality.

Wireless and induction charging

We charge not only all smartphones, but a smartwatch can be smoothly charged in our charging stations as well. We recently expanded our range with induction charging and wireless charging for devices including the Samsung Galaxy S6.


Return on investment

You can offer free charging to your visitors, but experience has shown that people are prepared to pay for this service. You can decide how much, whether it is coin-operated or SMS payment and we can even do a combination for you, where visitors pay by debit card and in return they receive a voucher on the spot that can be redeemed for a discount on your product or service.


Narrowcasting, Internet and Wi-Fi

Make the best possible use of the media value of your charging station by choosing, for example, an extra large screen or narrowcasting. Show your website, special promotions, presentations, films and other visual materials here. Or offer your visitors Wi-Fi at the same time, so all their mobile needs are met.


A charging station but no power outlet?

Especially for locations where you do not have access to power outlets, we have developed the charging station with battery. You charge the charging station and move it to a location of choice, where the charging station can be used without power supply.

Do you have any other requirements or ideas? Challenge us!