We are proud of our references

Holland Casino has been offering Charge to go charging stations in its casinos since 2013. Our guests very much appreciate this service and make frequent use of it. Being and remaining contactable by mobile phone is of great importance to our guests. The possibility of customised appearance and the high quality of the equipment make that the charging points add true value for us and as such, are a welcome addition to our total service package in the combination of game, food and drink, and entertainment. Guests come to us to enjoy a night out, a night full of experience. Carefree enjoyment in a welcoming atmosphere is our aim. Making sure our guests remain contactable is part of that.

Marcel Westerbrink, Holland Casino

For entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry a fully-charged battery means that guests stay online and take full advantage of social media. But also that they can enjoy food and drinks without any worries.
Making sure guests can stay online and contactable, offers much added value this way. People feel inconvenienced without a smartphone and this will only increase as the mobile applications are becoming increasingly important. The way I see it, it is just as obvious as providing Wi-Fi and a clean toilet. The possibility to securely charge smartphones and tablets is also a welcome addition during the sale of business arrangements in a bar or restaurant.

Anja Aarts Corsten, Bavaria Brouwerijcafé


KPN is very excited about its collaboration with Charge to go. We have a few charging stations at our headquarters, of course. But we also place them primarily at skating events (for example, in Amsterdam and Thialf) at the Rijksmuseum and Concertgebouw, both of which we sponsor, and at one-day or multi-day events, such as SAIL Amsterdam. The quality and durability of the Charge to go cabinets are excellent and the service is fast and professional.

Mark Versteegen, Director Sponsoring KPN


For our customer T-Mobile we regularly provide mobile charging stations from Charge to go. Complete with its own branding, the stations are very popular at public events where T-Mobile presents itself.

Charge to go is fast, accurate and a very reliable supplier for us!

Mirjam de Haan, Freshco